Welcome to St Mary’s Church, Watford


First service in the new church: 10.30am on Sunday 7th April 2019 – come and join us!

Our Refurbished Church

Because of the refurbishment works, we have not been able to worship in the church building since January 2018. But the end is in sight – the works are due to be completed on 29th March and the first service in the church will be the celebration of Holy Communion at 10.30 on Sunday 7th April 2019.

We will then be able to experience the first major change in the interior of the church for 170 years. We will have an open, flexible space which can be used for many different forms of worship and will be a new venue for community events. We very much hope that, for example, music, dance and drama groups will wish to take advantage of the church’s excellent acoustics.

The changes have included:

* Removing the fixed pews in the nave

* Taking up the floor, installing an under-floor heating system, and laying a new stone floor

* Installing a flexible, highly efficient lighting system based on modern

* Installation of glazed screens at the ends of the nave

* Enhancing the audio-visual facilities and providing wi-fi throughout the building

* Enlarging the dais and creating in the Chancel a space suited to smaller services and providing more room for musicians and other performers

* Unifying the floor levels at the east end and so ensuring that all parts of the church are accessible for people with limited mobility

* Provision of refreshment facilities at the west end

* Complete redecoration.

The ‘new’ church will be fully suited to the needs and opportunities of the 21st century. It will serve the congregation of St Mary’s and the people of Watford for many years – perhaps even for 170 years.

These improvements will have cost around £1m, which has been raised through the generosity of past and former church members, grants from foundations and charities, and the sale of a house owned by the church. We give thanks to God for the way in which he has enabled this money to be provided.

We invite everyone to join us on 7th April and in the months and years to come, to share in the Good News of Jesus Christ


Sunday Services


1st Sunday in the month  

Morning Worship & Holy Communion @ 10:30am  

Evening Worship @ 6:30pm  


2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays in the month  

Morning Worship @ 10:30am  

Evening Worship @ 6:30pm  


3rd Sunday in the month  

All Age Worship @ 10:30am  

Evening Worship & Holy Communion @ 6:30pm  


Every Wednesday: Holy Communion @ 12:30pm  


All services in St Mary’s Church Centre until 7th April 2019 


Weekly Gatherings


Every Monday: 3.45 to 5pm: Kids Connect – Children & Parents Craft Club  

(Contact Cath da Costa for more details: 07961 564385)  


Every Tuesday: 9.30 to 11.30am: Centre Club – The St Mary’s Toddler Group  

(Contact Cath da Costa for more details: 07961 564385)  


Every Thursday: 5.30 – 7pm: Bravers – for children aged 8 – 13  

Fun, Games & Science Experiments!  

(Contact Cath da Costa for more details: 07961 564385)  


Every Friday: 9.45 to Mid-day: Morning Coffee  


Every Saturday: 10.00 to Mid-day: Morning Coffee  


All events in St Mary’s Church Centre  



Welcome to St Mary’s church, a friendly Anglican community on Watford High Street. We are located in the heart of Watford, where the church has been the spiritual centre of the town for 800 years.


St Mary’s is home to a vibrant group of ordinary people who are discovering that Jesus Christ is relevant to the lives of adults and children in the 21st century.


Our vision is to be a growing church in the heart of Watford that:

– shares the Christian message of God’s love and our salvation through Jesus Christ with the people of Watford and beyond;

– models the love, forgiveness and reconciliation that is exemplified through Jesus’ death on the cross;

– is welcoming to everyone, regardless of their status, wealth, gender, race, sexuality or religion

– provides a focus for public Christian worship.




Whether you are just browsing or looking for something specific, we hope you will find our website useful. Here you can find out more about St Mary’s, what we believe, and opportunities for getting involved in our church family life. You can find out about our Sunday services, you can also download previous talks, see what events we have coming up, and discover more about the missions we support. If you want to know more about the church and the people of St Mary’s, please contact us.