Youth Group


You can join St Mary’s Youth Group at age 14. We meet at 7pm on Friday nights, hosted by different church members or families each week.  Speak to Kate Carter if you would like to join us.

We get up to a variety of things: football, pancake evenings, bell ringing, concerts, quizzes, weekends away, swimming, bistros, all night bible readings, church services, games, bible study – generally having fun and building relationships together.


The leaders


Having arrived at St Mary’s in 2006 I have found that I have been given plenty of opportunities to get involved in various church activities and ministries. This has been a great for me, and I hope that I can give back as much as the church has blessed me.

Meeting the young people every Friday evening is fun, challenging and often surprising. We have a fantastic group of young people in the church, and it is a joy to see them change over the years and growing in their faith.





We welcome all to our group – those who are questioning, searching, and those who feel that they have arrived. For everyone, it’s a great opportunity to meet and have fun together, and to share ideas and life’s concerns.

Recent years have seen some of the Youth Group go on a trip to South Africa, after successfully raising the money not only for the trip itself but also to donate to ministries in South Africa. For some of the young people this was a life-changing experience. We have also had another youth group from Germany come to stay with us for a week. This was very successful and we hope that we may keep up the friendship with the church in Germany.

Previously, the Youth Group raised money to donate towards a hospital in Bangladesh, specifically funding neo-natal equipment. Hopefully the coming years will see more opportunities for our Youth Group to make friendships with churches and ministries in various different parts of the world.