Heya folks, Here is The Ground in a glorious 8 parts. Please choose your own carefully! Look on the bright side; I haven’t decided to do the Lotti Crucifixus in 12 parts. Yet! Take care and see you on the 14th. Anthony The Ground S1 The Ground S2 The Ground A1 The Ground A2 The… Read More

Hi Folks, Here, as promised, albeit a couple of days later than intended, are the harmonies for Ain’t It Good. It was all recorded cheerfully early on a Monday morning, so some of the high notes are a bit ropey, but hopefully it’ll be clear enough to be useful. You may also note that it… Read More

  Hi folks, Here are the harmonies for the two new carols. They’re done as mp3s, which means, I gather from Cecilia’s research, that you don’t need to download them to listen to them and they are clearer. Hope they work for everyone. My voice may have been giving out by the end! Also, I’ve… Read More

Hi folks, Here are the harmonies for Bethlehem. More to follow as we ascertain precisely what is required of us this Christmas. But Bethlehem is a non-negotiable! It’s a different file-type this time, hopefully making it easier to download if you need to. Any problems, do let me know. All the best, Anthony Bethlehem A… Read More

Hi folks, All up barring one now. Hope this is helpful! Anthony Shepherd S Shepherd A Shepherd T1 Shepherd T2 Shepherd B1 Shepherd B2 Midnight S Midnight A Midnight T Midnight B Forest S Forest A Forest T Forest B Children’s S1 Children’s S2 Children’s A1 Children’s A2 Children’s T Children’s B… Read More

Heya, As promised, here is the list of music for the forseeable future, beneath which, with luck and a following wind, there will also be the audio links for the two new songs. More will, inevitably, follow Take care, A 20th Oct – Flower Festival All      You Works of God Summer’s     GoldenSea All      Things Bright… Read More

Hi folks, Whilst I know the basses and sopranos are quite happy with this, just to help sort out those funny jumps for the altos, and to give newcoming tenors a sporting chance (!), here are the Alto and Tenor parts for the Karl Jenkins Sanctus Take care and see you on the 27th Anthony… Read More

Hi folks, Finally, after battling with the Internet, here are the recordings various of the Lux Aeterna which I know you’re dying to hear. As ever, the battle with the voice at the end of a week of teaching makes them less then beautiful, and there’s a horribly tuned notes in the Alto ones (at… Read More

Heya folks, This is it; the last one for Christmas! Be warned, it’s exceedingly fast but has the virtue of also being short and repetitive. We’ll give this one a quick go on Monday but, for now, have a listen if you get the chance. See you soon, Anthony Tomorrow Shall be My Dancing Day… Read More