Missions We Support

At St Mary’s we recognise that we are part of a global Christian community, and we have a strong tradition of supporting missions in various parts of the world and locally in Watford. We support all our mission partners through prayer and also financially through giving by our church members. Use the links below to find out more about some of these missions.

Some of the individuals we support were originally members of St Mary’s before being called to work for God’s Kingdom in places very different to Watford.

Mano Emmanuel now teaches at the Colombo Theological Seminary in Sri Lanka.

Andy & Yvonne Hall run the Equipped To Live network in Scotland, which provides discipleship training courses and training for church leaders.

Overseas Missionary Fellowship – a Christian mission agency that serves the church and seeks to bring the gospel to all the peoples of East Asia. It also supports Christians working with East Asians worldwide, including in the UK. We particularly support Keith & Joyce Wood and Ray & Janice Porter, who were members of St Mary’s for many years.

Church Mission Society – a Christian mission agency, formerly the South American Mission Society with which we have maintained links for many years since David Leake went there after being a curate at St Mary’s.

Bonnievale, South Africa : Kapteintjies Pre-School – where these two children, Chantal and Dewald, are nearly six years old. They live in Bonnievale in the Western Cape, a rural wine producing town in South Africa. This year is the first time either of them has been to school, beginning their compulsory state school education. Typically in South Africa, by the time they reach thirteen they will no longer be in school. However, attendance at pre-school reduces the likelihood that children will drop out of full time education before their teens. Poverty and family circumstances are the reasons why children like Chantal and Dewald did not attend pre-school. These children are from families of grape pickers, who earn very little money. Grape pickers in South Africa are amongst the most poorly paid agricultural workers in the world. Obtaining work is difficult for their parents, partly because grape picking is seasonal in nature, and also because of long-term illness and alcoholism. It is children like these that Kapteintjies Pre-School seeks to serve. It wants to be able to give them the best chance possible of breaking the cycle of poverty.

St Mary’s has been involved with Kapteintjies for over three years now, helping them to raise money so they could expand and enable more children to benefit from early years learning. They are so proud of and thankful for this connection with us. They are tremendously encouraged that we take a real interest in their work, as well providing some financial support.

Watford Town Centre Chaplaincy – a Christian organisation based in the heart of Watford. Its aim is to bring a spiritual dimension to the life of the town through being present in the workplace and serving the hearts of our workers and community, expressing Christ’s love in a number of different ways:-

– A team of Chaplains working across the town’s retail, business, entertainment, and civic sectors;

– Outreach initiatives, such as the Street Angels who walk the streets around central Watford’s pubs and clubs on Friday and Saturday evenings offering support, advice and practical help to those in need, and working with the police in diffusing potentially difficult situations;

– Encouraging Christians in the workplace, providing opportunities for weekly prayer meetings and communion services, and running ‘Entrepreneurs Inspired’ which is a monthly meeting for entrepreneurs and those working in business.

Watford New Hope – a Christian charity whose mission is to help the homeless and vulnerable in our community by providing shelter, food and opportunities to rebuild damaged lives.

Watford Schools Trust – aims to help teachers in Watford give pupils a clear understanding of the Christian faith. It provides lesson material that will complement the Christian element of the Hertfordshire syllabus and scheme of work for Religious Education. The Trust is an Associate Body of Scripture Union and employs three schools workers who take lessons and run assemblies and workshops in primary schools throughout the Watford area.

Church Pastoral Aid Society – an Anglican evangelical agency working with churches, mainly in the UK and Republic of Ireland. It equips and enables churches to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus Christ. It runs summer camps for children and young people. It helps churches become more mission-focused by developing effective leaders at all levels – training, resourcing, empowering and inspiring men, women and young people who point others to Jesus.

Bible Society – seeks to make the bible available to everyone. There are over 4,500 languages in which the bible is not available, braille formats exist only in 30 languages, and only 3% of languages have the bible in audio, despite many people being unable to read. It tries to think of new, innovative and appropriate ways to make the bible available throughout the world, to different communities and cultures.

Tearfund the Christian international aid and development agency working globally to end poverty and injustice, and to restore dignity and hope in some of the world’s poorest communities.