Hi folks,

Finally, after battling with the Internet, here are the recordings various of the Lux Aeterna which I know you’re dying to hear. As ever, the battle with the voice at the end of a week of teaching makes them less then beautiful, and there’s a horribly tuned notes in the Alto ones (at ‘et perducant’) for which I can only apologise. Nonetheless, hopefully this will be helpful. The first track is roughly what it should sound like when everyone’s singing at the same time (and you’ll be pleased to know it’s not me overlaid 8 times!)

All the best and see you on Monday 30th


Lux Aeterna Full Performance

Lux Aeterna S1

Lux Aeterna S2

Lux Aeterna A1

Lux Aeterna A2

Lux Aeterna T1

Lux Aeterna T2

Lux Aeterna B1

Lux Aeterna B2