Connect Groups

On Sunday 8th October we launched and commissioned 11 Connect Groups at St Marys.  These small groups meet either in people’s homes around Watford or at St Mary’s Church Centre.  

Connect Groups connect us to God, each other and the wider community.  

Our Connect Groups have a number of aims:-

  • Learning from the scriptures;
  • Prayer support;
  • Caring for each other; 
  • Belonging/community;
  • A safe place to question our faith.

There is a group specifically designed for newcomers to the church, and others that cater for the many diverse needs of our community including the young, the old, parents, men, international, daytime, evening, central, etc.. .

At all Connect Groups you will find friendly people who are eager to learn and share, and serve our community.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Connect Groups, and where there is one in your area, or for your specific needs, please contact us.