Hi folks, As promised, here are the harmonies for Joshua. I know they won’t mean all that much without the music, but, if possible, a passing familiarity with them before we start rehearsing would probably help! It’s quite an unusual version, in that it goes for a slinky, bluesy style rather than the more usual… Read More

Hi folks, Quicker than normal, but here it is! See you on the Bank Holiday and all the best, Anthony Steal Away S1 Steal Away S2 Steal Away A1 Steal Away A2 Steal Away T Steal Away B… Read More

Heya folks. As promised, here are the harmonies for God be in my Head, which we’ll be doing on the 6th February. More stuff to come as and when, but this one seemed like the important one to put up as soon as I could. All best, and see you for the rehearsal on the… Read More

Hi folks, Sorry this has taken so much time in coming, but I literally finished another show last night and I haven’t had a moment until today. I accept it’s only about 24 hours before the rehearsal, but the stuff’s not too hard! None of these are the whole thing; just enough to get the… Read More