Hi folks, Three more for Christmas. You only need to worry about Babe of Bethlehem if you’re a Soprano or Alto; the gents’ parts are fairly straightforward! See you later on. All the best, Anthony What Sweeter Music S1 What Sweeter Music S2 What Sweeter Music A What Sweeter Music T What Sweeter Music B1… Read More

Heya folks, As promised, here are the latest two with more to follow when I’ve ordered the rest of the music! I honestly cannot tell you why they sound like they were recorded in St Paul’s Cathedral, but hopefully it’s all clear enough even with the inadvertent echo effect. Just a reminder to make sure… Read More

Hi folks, Quicker than normal, but here it is! See you on the Bank Holiday and all the best, Anthony Steal Away S1 Steal Away S2 Steal Away A1 Steal Away A2 Steal Away T Steal Away B… Read More

Heya folks, Here’s the latest stuff. I’m still rather madly suffering from Costochondritis, so breathing has been something of an issue! Please do not follow where I take a breath, as I have to do it more than I’d like, and often in the middle of words! I’ve had the week off work as a… Read More

Heya folks, Sorry this has taken so long – combination of being away for a few days and machinery and equipment failure, but it’s here now. I’ll try and get the Mission up in the next couple of days as well, but I thought, since I’ve done this one now I’d get it up as… Read More

Heya folks. As promised, here are the harmonies for God be in my Head, which we’ll be doing on the 6th February. More stuff to come as and when, but this one seemed like the important one to put up as soon as I could. All best, and see you for the rehearsal on the… Read More