As promised, here is the list of music for the forseeable future, beneath which, with luck and a following wind, there will also be the audio links for the two new songs. More will, inevitably, follow

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20th Oct – Flower Festival

  • All      You Works of God
  • Summer’s     GoldenSea
  • All      Things Bright and Beautiful
  • For      the Beauty of the Earth
  • Look      At The World
  • Butterflies      and Moths

21st Oct – Harvest Service

  • All      You Works of God

4th Nov – Communion

  • God      Be In My Head
  • Steal Away

11th Nov – Remembrance

  • Rest      in Peace (and Rise in Glory)

2nd Dec – Communion

  • Requiem      et Kyrie
  • The      Lord Bless You And Keep You

23rd Dec – Carol Service

  • Christmas      Lullaby (Rutter)
  • It      Came Upon a Midnight Clear
  • Bethlehem(Wilson)
  • Carol      (Wilson)
  • How      Far Is It ToBethlehem(arrWilson)
  • Shepherd’s      Pipe Carol (Rutter)

And now the tracks

Carol S1

Carol S2

Carol A

Carol T

Carol B

Summer’s Golden Sea S

Summer’s Golden Sea A

Summer’s Golden Sea T

Summer’s Golden Sea B