Comes to Watford Town Square

On Saturday 24 March, starting at 2.30pm, Stefan Smart is coming to St Mary’s Square, outside St Mary’s Church on Watford High Street, to put on an audacious solo dramatization. (If it is wet, it will be held in St Mary’s Church Centre).

Without props, scripts or scenery, he’ll recite all sixteen chapters of Mark’s Gospel in one hour and forty-five minutes.

It’s an actual play, not simply a reading –just word for word the New International Version of the Gospel, with a host of colourful characters, many moving moments and not a little humour!

It’s all part of a nation wide tour of Speakers’ Corners, churches, cathedrals and schools that Stefan, a Drama teacher from Southampton, is taking on.

After successful performances recently at Hyde Park in London, Bristol, Nottingham, Lincoln and Lichfield, the tour this year takes in Watford, as well as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Stefan, 57, says, “I’m expecting lots of people scurrying past, confused faces and probably a few sniggers.

“But I hope the raw power of the Gospel will capture people’s attention and their imagination.

“It’s the greatest story ever told, and I’m not afraid to tell it.”

For more information check out Stefan’s website: or contact him on